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Behavioral Biology
of African Wildlife

Reinhard Radke, the director of "Serengeti", together with "Matira Safari" now present study tours in Kenya's most famous national park, the Maasai Mara.

For over 30 years Reinhard Radke has made wildlife films that have been marketed worldwide: to the BBC to Discovery and even to the renown National Geographic Society. In Germany, he aroused attention with his film documentary "Serengeti" - the most successful German wildlife film at the box offices. Many of his recent film projects have been based at the centrally located Matira Bush Camp (Matira Safari) in Kenya's Maasai Mara. This is an ideal meeting place for adventurers, film makers and photographers as well as scientists.

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Here is a camp like no other - safari and more …

Herds of wildebeest cross the Mara River in close proximity to the Matira Bush Camp. In the Mara's currents, crocodiles attack the wildebeest making the crossing - one of the most famous spectacles of nature in East Africa. The nearby Matira Bush Camp offers not only lodging, extensive safari tours, study tours and excellent service in the midst of the savannah - in addition it is supported by the native Maasai in a traditional as well as upscale fashion. Here are wildlife, bush camp, safaris and more.  Not only adventurers, tourists and scientists but also various press and television teams use the Matira Bush Camp to report from here on the Massai Mara National park  and its wildlife. But why just this small camp? This can be explained in a few sentences: No other camp is so centrally situated in the savannah of this region that we all know from many wildlife documentaries. Guests of the Matira Camp profit additionally from the experience of our professional guides and the diversity of people who get together here.

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Our location, the team, service quality and our network in the camp are only part of the advantages here - the extensive additional offers of Matira Safari speak for themselves.

That also attracted Reinhard Radke

while doing many of his film productions at this location, which he found ideally situated as a headquarters. Thus over many years, a cooperation between Matira Safari and Reinhard Radke has developed. Together they  are now presenting comprehensive study tours and workshops with memorable highlights.

The Program with Reinhard Radke: Ecology and Behavior of African Wildlife
if desired, with a focus on "Advanced Wildlife Photography"

in Kenya's Maasai Mara. In two different workshops, participants  will learn much about the ecology and behavior of African wildlife, if desired with a focus on "Advanced Wildlife Photography".  Reinhard Radke, holder of a PhD in behavioral biology, along with experienced Matira guides who well know the territory and present location of the animals, will accompany the guests. He will share his vast knowledge of biology and photography with the participants. Here wildlife can be experienced close up; while at the same time learning many amazing and  exciting details about them. (A unique adventure, that just like the Matira Bush Camp and the Maasi Mara itself is without comparison.) As well as conducting day tours in the savannah, Reinhard Radke also leads the evening workshops at our rustic camp: There will be discourses about ecology and the wildlife of the Maasai Mara coupled with interesting aspects of photography that only a professional like Reinhard can convey. "Biological and photographic knowledge can often complement each other; then only when one knows the behavior of the animal being observed - being able to predict future events in certain situations - is it possible to take really expressive photos", according to Reinhard.

Of  course, this extensive and adventurous program is linked with the well-known hospitality and the culinary pleasures of the Matira Bush Camp. Incidentally: Each evening, a traditionally dressed Maasai warrior, armed with a spear, accompanies our guests from the lounge tent to their well-furnished house tents; after all, the open savannah encircling the camp is home to a myriad of wild animals! The Matira Bush Camp would be pleased to welcome you here and to plan your very individual stay together, so that your discoveries in the Maasai Mara will be a memorable adventure.

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The complete press release with further information can be found here in PDF.